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Well, it's over. I had a hard time letting go of the Stewart Supremacist Site, but it was time to move on. Most of the material has been moved to the new place. I hope I moved some of the spirit of the SSS there as well. Please visit the JSIA if you get a chance. Thanks for reminiscing with me. Happy trails.

April 30, 2002

SSS Stage Three. September 9, 2000 — April 30, 2002.
     Rhapsody In Blue. Simplicity In Black. Exit, Stage Three.

SSS Stage Two. September 20, 1999 — September 8, 2000.
     Java Fest. Bandwidth Eater. Modem Clogger.

SSS Stage One. July 1, 1999 — September 19, 1999.
And In The Beginning There Was Crap. Promising Crap. But Still Crap.

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Jon Stewart Webring

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