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Like most obsessed webmasters, my site has undergone violent changes since its inception. I went through (and am still going through) a cycle that I suspect many well-meaning site designers go through. I recently got a nifty new html editor (Macromedia Dreamweaver), so I will probably be having more stages, more often. Where before it took me a week to mess up several pages, now I can screw up an entire site in less than ten seconds! If you have not maintained a (decent) site, you have no idea how much freakin' work even a fairly simple one like this one takes for an amateur.

During stage one, the startup of this site, I vowed to make fast-loading pages with few graphics and no Java. The home page is crammed full of text information and is a little hard on the eyes.

During stage two, I kept the same subpages, but turned the opening page into a Java fest heavy on graphics and fancy bells and whistles to show off my newfound hobby. I had rollover text, tables, and quotes that changed every time you reloaded the page. I eventually whittled down the home page by removing the refreshing quotes, etc., but the page still remained cumbersome. In addition, my dictionary definition stated that Jon would lead us into the new millennium. Technically, the new millennium doesn't start until 2001, but the graphics would have been outdated eventually anyway.

During stage three (the current stage), I decided to simplify. I changed the look of the entire site and exchanged my old filmstrip wallpaper for the pure simplicity of black. I pretty much stole the design idea from a beautiful little site called Current Aquaria (the design there is different now), but my page doesn't look quite as striking as that page did. I think my photograph isn't infused as much rich color, although I really love all the blues. Because I'm rather dissatisfied with this design, expect another radical change soon.

Despite all the changes, I have maintained my dedication to easy navigation, no frames, and a design that doesn't make you squint. I hope I was successful. Any comments or suggestions are welcome at annie***@***.

Who knows what stage four will bring? Jon-porn, perhaps . . . nothing but Jon-porn. Bet my hits go up then. :)


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