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SSS: Jon Stewart Supremacist Site

Adding a twisted twist to the phrase, "Jon Stewart Rules."

Jon Stewart Supremacy, n. 1. A fundamental belief in the greatness of Jon Stewart and his
superhuman ability to lead us into a glorious new millennium under the guidance of laughter.

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Upcoming Jon Stewart Events:

Updated weekly. Central time. Double-check your local listings. Events added recently are in yellow. If you use this schedule elsewhere, please link here. If you want immediate updates, join the mailing list.

-- Sept 19, Sun, 10pm and
-- Sept 20, Mon, 1am, HBO -- Young Comedians

(Jon cancelled?) -- Sept 21, Tues, 7 am, NBC -- The Today Show

-- Sept 27, Mon 12am (Sun night), Comedy Central -- Dr. Katz: "Walk for Hunger."


Week of July 20, 1999


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